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I am a YUI(AUI) beginner. In jQuery I would do


How can this be achieved in YUI?

AUI().use('event', 'node', function(A) { 

var subImages = A.all('.sub_image_conatiner');
for (var i = 0; i < subImages.size(); i++){

    var image = subImages.get(i);
    //get child elements of image here
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I thought Y.all(foo).all(selector).get('text') would just work but it unfortunately doesn't.

I'd recommend that you use only one selector to match the sub elements:

Y.all('.parent-class .child-class').get('text');

If you can't, then you don't have to iterate through the nodes like a normal JS array. You can use .each().

var texts = [];
Y.all(foo).each(function (node, i) {
  texts = texts.concat(node.all(bar).get('text'));

I'll file a bug with YUI to see if it makes sense to add Y.NodeList.prototype.all

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