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I am kind of wondering what the recommended method is for a customized UI. I have about 5 screens, which will share some of the same elements. One is a topbar, kind of like the navigationbar but different. It has the title on the left, no back buttons, a background image and a logo on the right. The other is a menu at the bottom containing and UIImageView for the bar, 3 UIButtons a the moment opening 2 different screens and one opens the Camera. I want to reuse the top bar and bottom bar on all 5 screens. Sort of like one would use a UserControl on ASP.NET.

Currently I have created 5 ViewControllers, which gives me 5 XIB files that I have to put the same elements on and I have to hook up the same events. I would want to create 2 elements (top and bottom bar) which I can reuse across all screens. Or is there a simpler solution to all of this like e.g. 1 screen pushing different middle parts into it or something like that? Quite the beginner at MonoTouch for that matter, so I'd love to know what the way-to-go for something like this is?

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If you are not able to customise / reuse the standard UINavigationController etc, you could -

  1. Create a custom UIView in Xamarin / Monotouch for each of your reusable elements, then insert them into each ViewController (programmatically is probably easiest) as required. This would give some code reuse and is akin to the UserControl example you mentioned.

  2. Alternatively for IOS5+ you could create a Custom ViewController Container which has all the common parts in one place and have a single container UIView which you would then switch the rest of your Content ViewControllers as you need to.

I have actually just finished a github example of this which may help -


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