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I'm confused as to what Google Map API I will implement to my website regarding this plot.

1 - My admin user will set the address of a place on the google map (probably in textboxes) 2 - The users can view the place set by the admin and has already a marker in that specific place.

What are the differences between the v2 and v3?

Thanks for helping.

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The Google Maps JavaScript API Version 2 has been officially deprecated as of May 19, 2010. The V2 API will continue to work until May 19, 2013, so there's only V3 right now. – Marcelo Aug 3 '12 at 8:57
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To use API V2 you need a key and now it's impossible to get one because API V2 has been officially deprecated as of May 19, 2010, just like Marcelo said as a comment of your question.

You will need to use Api V3. Check the Google Maps JavaScript API v3 for more details.

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