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I have an application using DX11. The debug build works well. But the release build crash on exit().

The stack:

user32.dll!DispatchHookA()  + 0x72 bytes    
user32.dll!CallHookWithSEH()  + 0x27 bytes  
user32.dll!__fnHkINLPMSG()  + 0x59 bytes    
user32.dll!NtUserPeekMessage()  + 0xa bytes 
user32.dll!PeekMessageW()  + 0x89 bytes 
msctf.dll!RemovePrivateMessage()  + 0x52 bytes  
msctf.dll!SYSTHREAD::DestroyMarshalWindow()  - 0x1b7a bytes 
msctf.dll!TF_UninitThreadSystem()  + 0xc4 bytes 
msctf.dll!CicFlsCallback()  + 0x40 bytes    
ntdll.dll!RtlProcessFlsData()  + 0x84 bytes 
ntdll.dll!LdrShutdownProcess()  + 0xa9 bytes    
ntdll.dll!RtlExitUserProcess()  + 0x90 bytes    
msvcr100.dll!doexit(int code=0, int quick=0, int retcaller=0)  Line 621 + 0x11 bytes

If I call LoadLibrary("d3d11.dll") before calling exit(), there is no crash.

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