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I'm trying to create some nice links over my website. I'm creating a search via tags just now, and I wonder if it is possible to create some nice routes like this:

or at least like this:

I've done some experiments with a link_for, and figured out that it's impossible to avoid action?parameter=value construction there. I'm also trying to avoid any of 'numbers stuff' in the address, like sending ids between actions, etc.. Anyway, I'm just a beginner and I have absolutely no idea which direction should I digg for.

Should it be some routes magic? How to apply that magic to my example? Am I broking 'convention of configuration' paradigm?

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This shouldn't require much "magic"; it's a pretty standard kind of route. You could do it like this (in routes.rb)

map.tag_search "search/:tags", :controller => "tags", :action => "search"

The above assumes you have a Tags controller with a search action. Inside that action, the end of your URL will be available in params[:tags].

I'd recommend reading the Rails Guide on Routing - it covers this scenario and many others.

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Wow, thanks! Don't quite understand how did i missed that guide... –  gmile Jul 24 '09 at 18:45

Rails 3 has an updated syntax.

match 'search/:tags' => 'tags#search' :as => 'tag_search'
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