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I'm looking for help/advice on defining SOAP faults the correct way when creating a web service with .NET WCF and consuming it with JAX-WS (wsimport).

Let's assume my service looks like this:

[ServiceContract(Namespace = "http://sub.pub.com")]
public interface IService
    void OperationOne(int deviceId, int socket);

    void OperationTwo(int deviceId, int socket);

Somewhere in my service I'm doing the following...

throw new FaultException<ArgumentOutOfRangeException>(...);

Generating the JAX-WS artifacts for the WSDL of my WCF service results in the following Java exceptions for OperationOne and OperationTwo:

  • IServiceOperationOneArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionFaultFaultMessage
  • IServiceOperationTwoArgumentOutOfRangeExceptionFaultFaultMessage

It works, but it is ugly and my code gets weird because there are two exceptions for the same thing (in this example: argument out of range).

  • Am I using the generic FaultException in a correct way?
  • How do I consume such WSDL correctly with wsimport to generate just 1 exception?
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