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I went through a strange behaviour of google play. Excuse me if its a stupid question. I have implemented google play expansion for one of my project whose apk was exceeding 50MB. After I separated the expansion file and apk, the apk's size was around 5MB, which got easily uploaded on google play. Then with the apk I also uploaded the expansion which was a zip file of 133MB. Worked fine till now, but the total size of the project after upload was shown 175MB, even though file size was wrong, the app met all the requirements. After that, due to some issues I had to make changes in code and upload the apk once more. Now with version number incremented in manifest and in the downloaderActivity's XAPKFile[] method, I uploaded both apk as well as expansion files once again. Now the new project's size was 138MB which is equal to the expansion's size+apk's size. Not able to get why the project's size at first time was higher than the actual size? Then at second time upload why it showed actual size? It is happening with all the 8 apps I have developed with google expansion. Anyone with a reasonable answer are welcome.

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The size seems to match if it calculated expansion file + old large apk. Could do some experimentation to figure out how google does their calculation but I'm not in the mood :) – Warpzit Aug 3 '12 at 9:18
can u tell me where do u upload expansion file while uploading app. Cz u have already done that. here is my question :… – djk Jun 21 '13 at 11:26

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