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I have a question about testing.

I have a class that returns anomalies. in this class I have two different method that simply returns two different types of anomalies and one that return all anomalies (of both types)

this is the example code:

 public interface IAnomalyService
    IList<Anomaly> GetAllAnomalies(object parameter1, object parameter2);
    IList<Anomaly> GetAnomalies_OfTypeA(object parameter1);
    IList<Anomaly> GetAnomalies_OfTypeB(object parameter2);
public class AnomalyService : IAnomalyService
    public IList<Anomaly> GetAllAnomalies(object parameter1, object parameter2)
        var lstAll = new List<Anomaly>();
        return lstAll;
    public IList<Anomaly> GetAnomalies_OfTypeA(object parameter1)
        //some elaborations
        return new List<Anomaly> { new Anomaly { Id = 1 } };
    public IList<Anomaly> GetAnomalies_OfTypeB(object parameter2)
        //some elaborations
        return new List<Anomaly> { new Anomaly { Id = 2 } };

class Anomaly
    public int Id { get; set; }

I've created the tests for the two method that retrieve the anomalies of type A and type B (GetAnomalies_OfTypeA and GetAnomalies_OfTypeB). Now I want to test the function GetAllAnomalies but I'm not sure what I have to do.

I think I have to way for testing it: 1) declare GetAnomalies_OfTypeA and GetAnomalies_OfTypeB in class AnomalyService as virtual, make a mock of the Class AnomalyService, and using Moq I can set CallBase as true and mock the two method GetAnomalies_OfTypeA and GetAnomalies_OfTypeB.

2)move the method GetAllAnomalies in another class called AllAnomalyService (with interface IAllAnomalyService) and in its constructor I will pass an interface of IAnomalyService and after I can test the GetAllAnomalies mocking the IAnomalyService interface.

I'm new at unit testing, so I don't know which solution is better, if is one of the mines or another one. Can you help me?

thank you Luca

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Mocking is a good tool when a class resists testing. If you have the source, mocking is often not necessary. Try this approach:

  • Create a factory which can return AnomalyServices with various, defined anomalies (only type A, only type B, both, none, only type C, ...)
  • Since the three types are connected in some way, you should check all three in each test. If only anomalies of type A are expected, you should check that GetAllAnomalies returns the same result as GetAnomalies_OfTypeA and GetAnomalies_OfTypeB returns an empty list.
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Sorry but I haven't understood what you mean for create a factory. I've already create the unit testing for the GetAnomalies_OfTypeA and GetAnomalies_OfTypeB so I don't want to test anymore when i test GetAllAnomalies. What I want to test, is that inside the method "getallanomalies" I don't forget to call GetAnomalies_OfTypeA and GetAnomalies_OfTypeB. My intentions was to mock something, so that GetAnomaliesOfTypeA returns 3 anomalies, oftypeb return 4 anomalies, and when I call getallanomalies I have to check that it returns 7 anomalies – Luca Pinasco Aug 3 '12 at 10:27
Move the code which set up AnomalyService for the first unit test into a factory. Ideally, the factory should work like this: "add 1 anomalies of type A and 3 of type B and return the service" That allows you to create any number of anomalies of any type and then test that the service works correctly for them. Goal: The set up code in your test should be 1 line. – Aaron Digulla Aug 3 '12 at 12:00
thank you for your effort, but I still don't understand what you mean... – Luca Pinasco Aug 3 '12 at 14:26

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