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I have a java EE app running in Jboss in Unix and I have noticed that after a couple of days I get "too many open files" I've identified what is leaking but I have no idea what it actually is or how to find which part of my code that is leaking

my analysis of lsof shows that these rows are slowly increasing:

java    25222  user  220u  unix    105,208835    0t465959  55050244 /devices/pseudo/tl@0:ticots->(socketpair: 0x32fc3) (0x6009c7d41f0)

the closest thing to a similar problem is http://tinyurl.com/csmy7ay I use JMS so the problem might lie there.

But my main question is how should I proceed in my quest to fix this? I'm having a hard time finding anything tangible in the lsof file that might help me determine what kind of traffic this is and where in my code they might be created

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I found what the problem was, there was a maintenance script running which, among other things, ran jstack which together with this bug: http://tinyurl.com/c5fdl43 (java attach API in solaris causes too make open files). Caused the file leak

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had exact same issue under tomcat 6u32, thanks for posting your find, will be trying 6u65 to fix as the bug indicates it is fixed –  plockc Mar 14 at 19:54

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