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I need to send a SafeHtml to Window.setTitle(). The problem is that i use SafeHtmlUtils.fromString(String c) on the title. Due to chance of XSS Leaks.

The result is that i get a bad looking title (due to the conversion SafeHtmlUtils.fromString to HTML Entity References)

My question is can you set the Window title with a SafeHtml? Or how do i convert the Safehtml back to normal String?

code (updated):

    public void setTitle(SafeHtml title) {
        Window.setTitle(("fileee | " + title).replaceAll("\\<.*?>", ""));


//in internalHeader
    public void setPageTitle(SafeHtml title) {


pageNameBig is a HeadingElement. Problem is that if i put in <h1>test the result is in Window.setTitle = &lt;h1&gt;test

but in the internalHeader is good = dispalys <h1>test

Is all because of its HTML Entity References.

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What you mean by bad looking title ? Can you post an example ? – Jean-Michel Garcia Aug 3 '12 at 11:38
code see above. – Seb Aug 3 '12 at 13:49

It isn't possible for XSS on the title of the window because the title can't render HTML.

SafeHtml.asString() will get you a string, though not the original from SafeHtmlUtils.fromStrong - instead, since the window title can't display any HTML, there is no need to use SafeHtml at all.

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I updated, the problem is that i have an internal header as well that i try use the safehtml for. the result is <h1> = &lt;h1&gt; – Seb Aug 3 '12 at 13:52

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