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I want to create objects in Ruby style with CoffeeScript. So I want to do something like

class A
  constructor: (@params) ->

a = new A {send: true, name: "fit"}
a.send #true

Is there any "standard" way to do this?

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There is no way to do it directly. You could define a base class that has code to do it, like such

class Base
   constructor: (props) ->
      for key, value of props
           @[key] = value

class Extend extends Base
    constructor: (props) ->
       super props
       alert "#{@key1}, #{@key2}"

e = new Extend 'key1': 'val1', 'key2': 'val2'

alert "#{e.key1}, #{e.key2}"

See it working here

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I've thought about something like that, but I'm very new in CoffeeScript and so couldn't get the working solution. Thank you. – Ximik Aug 3 '12 at 13:52

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