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I feel like a total noob (I used to consider I'm not) After I read every question here I couldn't find an answer that helped me!

I've tried using git commands but with no luck (could be related to network setup ...) So I downloaded ShareKit 2.0 as a zip.

But the main problem is that "SHK.h is not found". I think it should be visible even if there are no submodules. I've tried to incorporate ShareKit like 10 times now and every time I fail! I've tried adding whatever possible Header search paths but with no luck!

Can you please help me with Step1! I need the complete zip archive with submodules (I guess). And could you please tell me where exactly I should place the shareKit folder!

Thanks in advance!

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I integrated sharekit by following the instructions on the wiki and everything compiles but when i added #import "SHK.h" for part 5, xcode couldn't find it.

When you downloaded ShareKit you unzipped the project into some directory. In my case, I downloaded it to Documents. So, in my project folder the entire sharekit was under Documents.

In number 4 of step 2 on the set up instructions it says to change the user header search path to Submodules/. Since I had it in documents I had to change this to Documents/ . That solved the problem.

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Thank you! I did exactly what you did and it worked. ShareKit is extracted in Documents, and userHeaderSearchPath is set to /Users/usrName/Documents/** – Riskov Aug 6 '12 at 7:56

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