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I have two *.IDL files, where I have to deal with cyclic dependency:

#ifndef __USER_IDL__
#define __USER_IDL__

#include "Group.idl"

interface User
    typedef<sequence> Groups;
        Groups getGroups(); 
    void setGroups(in Groups u);


#ifndef __GROUP_IDL__
#define __GROUP_IDL__

#include "User.idl"

interface Group
    typedef<sequence> Users;
        Users getUser();    
    void setUsers(in Users u);


I need to keep it in separate files, how to solve it?

Check out my files: http://www32.zippyshare.com/v/32255598/file.html (I added there a Makefile, so simply run command: "make all") - the errors I get are:

omniidl -bcxx User.idl Group.idl:8: Syntax error in interface body Group.idl:8: Error in look-up of 'Users': 'Users' not found Group.idl:9: Error in look-up of 'Users': 'Users' not found Group.idl:10: Error in look-up of 'Users': 'Users' not found User.idl:8: Syntax error in interface body User.idl:8: Error in look-up of 'Groups': 'Groups' not found User.idl:9: Error in look-up of 'Groups': 'Groups' not found User.idl:10: Error in look-up of 'Groups': 'Groups' not found omniidl: 8 errors.

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You can forward declare an interface, for example use

interface Group;

And than zap the include of Group.idl in the Users idl file

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Yeah, its have a chance to work, please, take a look: pastie.org/private/tx8h0wmb2klxb18brlddg but I concern about warnings I get: pastie.org/private/vjex0kkhm8rlkr0wr5rqdg is it sth serious or I don't have to care much about it? Please, tell me if you can –  mazix Aug 5 '12 at 12:02

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