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I am trying to create a site where you select an option from a dropdown list called contactOptions. The options has values ranging from 0 to 8. When the option is selected, I wish for text to appear underneath -- this text is contained within div tags with ID's such as #contact0 for the text corresponding to option 0. These ID's all have display: none by default. I have some Javascript (below) -- the select tag in my html includes the line onchange = "sortForm()". Unfortunately, the script does not do anything -- the #contact0 remains invisible.

function sortForm() {
  var selection = document.getElementById("contactOptions");
  var selectedValue = selection.options[selection.selectedIndex].value;

  for (var i = 0; i <=8; i++) {
    var subobjContact = document.getElementById("contact" + i);
    if (i == selectedValue) {
      subobjContact.style.display == "block"
    } else {
      subobjContact.style.display == "none"

Any help would be much appreciated -- if you have any questions because I haven't made something clear, please let me know.

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Use single equal sign

subobjContact.style.display = "block"


subobjContact.style.display = "none" 
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I'll accept that as soon as I can, need to wait 8 mins. Thank you -- so annoying when you comb the code and it turns out to be something so stupid like that. cry –  user1573724 Aug 3 '12 at 9:52
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