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I am in the process of writing a lightweight Octave binding to Quantlib, using SWIG and mkoctfile. I am following the documentation found on the SWIG and Octave homepage.

From the SWIG documentation:

27.2.1 Compiling a dynamic module

Octave modules are DLLs/shared objects having the ".oct" suffix. Building an oct file is usually done with the mkoctfile command (either within Octave itself, or from the shell). For example,

$ swig -octave -c++ example.i -o example_wrap.cxx $ mkoctfile example_wrap.cxx example.c

where example.c is the file containing the gcd() implementation.

These are the files I have so far:

  • my SWIG interface file quantlib-octave.i
  • my function implementations quantlib-octave.cpp
  • a glue wrapper file generated using SWIG: quantlib-octave_wrap.cxx

This is the CLI output when I invoked mkoctfile:

root@yourbox:~/src/quantlib-octave$ mkoctfile quantlib-octave_wrap.cxx quantlib-octave.cpp mkoctfile: unrecognized argument quantlib-octave_wrap.cxx

The help information displayed when I type mkoctfile -h is not very useful.

Does anyone know why mkoctfile is complaining?

Version Info

SWIG Version 2.0.4
Compiled with g++ [x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu]
Configured options: +pcre

mkoctfile, version 3.6.0

Octave: 3.6.0
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I managed to get this to work by renaming the extension of the generated file from .cxx to .cpp.

Maybe there is a better solution?

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The better solution looks to me to be patching mkoctfile to be less picky. – Flexo Aug 3 '12 at 17:59

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