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I am trying to figure out how to make the font size of the data inside my Datagrid bigger.

My Datagrid XAML:

    <data:DataGrid x:Name="dgVisitData" Style="{StaticResource dgStyle}" VerticalAlignment="Stretch" HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" BorderBrush="LightSlateGray" BorderThickness="2"
                AutoGenerateColumns="False" ItemsSource="{Binding}">
            <data:DataGridTextColumn Width="Auto" Header="Name" Binding="{Binding MemberName}" />
            <data:DataGridTextColumn Width="Auto" Header="Surname" Binding="{Binding MemberSurname}" />
            <data:DataGridTextColumn Width="Auto" Header="Member No" Binding="{Binding MemberNumber}" />
            <data:DataGridTextColumn Width="Auto" Header="Dependant No" Binding="{Binding MemberDependantNumber}" />
            <data:DataGridTextColumn Width="Auto" Header="Date" Binding="{Binding Date}" />
            <data:DataGridTextColumn Width="Auto" Header="Time" Binding="{Binding Time}" />

Using a style I can enlarge the headers font size.

Do I need to do something similar to change Fontsize of the actual data?

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<sdk:DataGridTextColumn Binding="{Binding Name}" CanUserSort="True" SortMemberPath="Name" Header="Name">
        <Style TargetType="TextBlock">
            <Setter Property="HorizontalAlignment" Value="Left"/>
            <Setter Property="FontSize" Value="12" />

or you could write your own datagrid style for your whole datagrid

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Thanks, worked like a charm. –  Neill Aug 3 '12 at 15:06

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