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The virtualbox additions make a way to share files form the host OS to the guest, but the files and directories from Win host doesn't support file links on guest well, so I work with files on the guest OS directly.Now I want sharing some files on the guest OS to the host for quickly editing, and I know some ways through networking:

  • FTP/SFTP, using some ftp client with auto translation after saving
  • NFS, share the directory through networking and mount it as remote network disk.

Is there a simple way to do it? :P

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Just right-click on your guest machine in virtualbox when it is not running to set up your share folder. On a linux guest, it will be auto-mounted at /media/sf_YourFolderName. For other guest OS, read the virtualbox docs.

To know more, read this article on how to setup different networking and sharing scenarios between a virtualbox guest and the host: http://prahladyeri.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/how-to-setup-a-virtual-lan-on-your-machine-using-oracle-virtualbox/

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