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Let's say my rails models look like this:

class SalesRelationship < ActiveRecord


Which is inherited by crossSell like this:

class crossSell < SalesRelationship 


How do I show this inheritance relationship in ember-data. What is the best practise for this:

App.salesRelationship = DS.Model.extend({
  name: DS.attr('string')

Can I create a subclass called 'crossSell', like this

crossSell = App.salesRelationship({
    productName: DS.attr('string')

or like this

 App.salesRelationship.crossSell  = DS.Model.extend({
    productName: DS.attr('string')
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Pretty close, you can just extend SalesRelationship.

App.CrossSell = App.SalesRelationship.extend({
  productName: DS.attr('string')
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