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I have SQL Server Management Studio 2008 installed on Windows 7.

Management studio successfully connects to 3 SQL Server 2005 servers and have been using this for 2 months.

On the same system I am able to create a local ODBC data source connecting to a SQL Server 2008 server. However, when I try to connect Management Studio to the SQL Server 2008 from the same system it just times out with:

"Cannot connect to [server]. Timeout expired."

I'm baffled. If I had no connection at all to the server then I'd be dissecting the server configuration, but I can connect with ODBC. I feel like I'm missing something absolutely obvious. Anyone have any ideas?

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Found the answer although can't quite explain the fact I could get a connection last week. Today I tried again and the first attempt worked as an ODBC data source. Then it failed. Total failure allowed me to explore more obvious options. It turned out the Windows Firewall on the server needed extra rules for port 1433 inbound and outbound. How my original connections got past this I don't know, but happy it's all working now. So, there you go, if in doubt, go check the settings even for those parts you thought were already working.

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I don't think this should have been closed for the reason it was closed; it actually helped me resolve a problem. –  Tola Odejayi Feb 18 '13 at 22:18

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