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I have performed a load test using JMETER. But now not able to generate reports for the test.

To generate report I have followed these steps:

  1. Create a new variable JAVA_HOME in the environment variable and set the path for the JDK.

  2. Create another variable ANT_HOME and set the path for the Apache-ant.

  3. Create another variable PATH and set the path for apache-ant up to BIN folder.

  4. Place the ant-jmeter-1.0.9.jar file in side ‘Extras’ folder. Which is located in the path jakarta-jmeter-2.3.2->extras

  5. Navigate to the ‘build.xml’ folder of the jmeter which is located in the path jakarta-jmeter-2.3.2->extras->build.xml.

  6. Set the classpathref = “D:\loadtest\jakarta-jmeter-2.4\extras\ant-jmeter-1.0.9.jar “

  7. Set jmeterhome=”D:\loadtest\jakarta-jmeter-2.4″

  8. Set style=”D:\loadtest\jakarta-jmeter-2.4\jmeter-results-detail-report${style_version}.xsl” and save it.

  9. Now copy jmx file and the build.xml file put it in a folder (Loadtest) where ever you want to generate the report.

  10. Open command prompt and navigate to the folder where jmx and build file is located.

  11. To run a test and create the output report: Type the command “ant -Dtest=script”(for eg. I have my test.jms file and the command is ant -Dtest=test)

By following above steps Reports are not generated but I got following error:


D:\Loadtest\result\build.xml:85: Reference D:/Loadtest/jakarta-jmeter-2.4/
extras/ant-jmeter.jar not found.

Can you help me find the solution?

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2 Answers

Check jMeter version. The error says you're using 2.4, but your Jmeter home points to 2.3.2.

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Hey mbonaci, Thanks for reply. that was mistake of mine in the question,I have corrected that. I am using the jakarta-jmeter-2.4 version –  Mandeep Rehal Aug 3 '12 at 13:24
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Did you include ant-jmeter-1.1.1.jar in your Ant classpath ? Adding the jar to $ANT_HOME/lib will make this happen automatically.


ant-jmeter-1.1.1.jar is in jmeter/extras folder.

Furthermore I suggest you upgrade to last JMeter 2.7 version as it contains enhancements of the report.


Philippe M.


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