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First I'll give you a rundown of what I'm doing, then I'll state the apparent problems, then ask the questions.


So my application starts from my main class. Within its Initialization method there are 2 Try..Catch statements, 1 of which are nested within the first. Within the nested try..catch statement I call a method which initializes my crucial classes. After the statement has completed and there were no errors etc it then calls two other methods, InitializeApp() and InitializeClasses(). InitializeApp() does Application.Run(new GuiInterface(this)); , so as expected it starts my gui and passes the main classes object to the forms constructor. InitializeClasses() does as it says, it initializes my classes and passes objects to their constructors.

Throughout several methods I have a few Console.WriteLine() statements which print out messages in the Debug Output console build into visual studio so that I know what has been completed.


Only the first debug message makes it to the output, it simply tells me if the crucial classes were loaded. Next the winform is run through the Application.Run(), as mentioned before. From this point on no other debug messages make it to the output, UNTIL the winform is closed, at which point they show up, just before the application closes.


Firstly, jumping back to the very first thing the main class does, the initialization method is called. Like I said I had the two Try...Catch statements. I decided to use them as a safety feature, so the would spit out any exceptions, as they are designed to do. Does anyone thing I should just forget about them and jump straight into the method calls?

Secondly onto the application 'freezing', I'll quickly clear up what I mean by that. Like I said, no more debug messages are passed after the Application.Run() is called, the form responds fine (although it has no controls in it yet, as I am writing the base classes first). I'm not saying for sure but would this be something to do with the form being initialized, and in turn freezing the main form from completing the initialization because the forms code is occupying the thread?

Can anyone help me with this?

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This is entirely by design, Application.Run() starts the message loop. Which fires events, like a button's Click event. Event driven programming is core to UI code, you'll need to learn to deal with it. Nothing a decent book about Winforms or WPF programming won't teach you. –  Hans Passant Aug 3 '12 at 11:08
Ok, I did read that it was a message loop, 'loop' just didn't click in my mind =P Thank you! –  Harley Aug 3 '12 at 11:42