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I have problem with this code:

var imgPixels = canvasContext.getImageData(0, 0, imgW, imgH);

Error from Google Chrome console is:

Unable to get image data from canvas because the canvas has been tainted by cross-origin data.

It's because i have run this site on the domain1.com, img src is on the domain2.com and later i want to set new src with a local (modified) data (as below), i think.

return canvas.toDataURL();

I have tried many ways to allow cross-origin access, but nothing works:

if (canvas.crossOriginKeyword)

if (canvasContext.crossOriginKeyword)

My .htaccess file contains:

Header always set Access-Control-Allow-Origin *

And I also tried:

header('Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *');

My Script should work on many browsers, and many servers, so i want to avoid modifying browser or apache configuration, unless it's really needed.

I can't use a proxy.

Please, help me :)

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