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I am facing a following problem: When trying to do cast to an unsigned char I get unexpected values. The code that I am using:

unsigned char MyVal1  = ((0xF1E3 && 0xff00) >> 8);
unsigned char MyVal2 = (unsigned char)((0xF1E3 && 0xff00) >> 8);
unsigned char MyVal3 = (unsigned char)((0xF1E3 && 0xff));

I am storing all three variables in an array.

The output I am getting (looking at the values in array; array is unsigned char array):


while I was expecting:


Could someone be kind to help me out in what am I doing wrong?

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Operators && and & do not work the same on integers. Your operands are first converted to bool (zero/nonzero) and then anded together.

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Checkmate.... It has been a long day and I totally forgot that I was not using bitwise operator.... Much appreciated..... –  Bo. Aug 3 '12 at 10:44

&& is the boolean and operator; it gives 1 if both its operands are non-zero and 0 otherwise. You want the bitwise and operator, &, which gives 1 or 0 in each bit of its operands.

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