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I am using Facebook SDK in my iphone app. I am able to upload a photo with a caption. I follow this example:

This is how I do it

- (IBAction) btnPostPress:(id) sender {

//[self.txtCaption resignFirstResponder];

//we will release this object when it is finished posting
FBFeedPost *post = [[FBFeedPost alloc] initWithPhoto:[UIImage imageNamed:@"test.png"] name:@"testing @ work"];
[post setCaption:@"Test"];
[post publishPostWithDelegate:self];

IFNNotificationDisplay *display = [[IFNNotificationDisplay alloc] init];
display.type = NotificationDisplayTypeLoading;
[display setNotificationText:@"Posting Photo..."];
[display displayInView:self.view atCenter:CGPointMake(, withInterval:0.0];
[display release];


But the problem is, When I upload more than 3,4 photos, it automatically create an Album with my application name. Here on then photos upload to that album (NOT LIKE Status update)

But I want every photo to post on the wall individually. Eg: if I upload 5 photos, then there should be 5 status updates with particular photo.

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