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What books and tutorials would you recommend for an aspiring ASP.NET and C# developer?

The books should be targetted at absolute beginners, and the tutorials should have complete code examples with well structured explanations.

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This has been asked before. – George Stocker Jul 24 '09 at 18:55

Your first stop should be They have some good video tutorials there.

Update: To be more specific:

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I found the site quite useful when I was starting with ASP.NET – Jeremy Bade Jul 24 '09 at 18:48

I have also found to be useful from time-to-time.

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The NerdDinner Tutorial is great for learning ASP.NET MVC.

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I don't know why I've never really liked nerddinner much. – Cyril Gupta Dec 4 '09 at 11:29

Learn the ASP.NET Page Life Cycle if you're doing WebForms, see

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Here's another:

Learning Visual C#

If you're willing to shell out a little, LearnVisualStudio.Net is excellent too.

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For C# I found both of these were good introductions to the language:

C# Station Tutorial and Softsteel Solutions CSharp Tutorial.

When I was first learning ASP.NET the ASP.NET QuickStarts were invaluable - especially if you like to learn by example.

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You can find some good ASP.NET tutorials here.

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You sound like you'd be able to give an objective opinion! – Rob Fonseca-Ensor Dec 4 '09 at 11:08

If you're looking for regular updates on programming tech, you could keep a watch on websites like which will fetch you the latest updates from many programmers.

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For complete beginners I recommend the Head First series (easy read, good fun):

Head First C#

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