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I have found method which creates *.ICS file which I need to send as a mail. The problem is that I send that file as a attachment and microsoft outlook reads it a as a regular mail with attachment. My task is to send it as a meeting mail.

How to do that?

Thanks in advance.

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@eroenverh... I have implemented this code mate:

System.Net.Mime.ContentType contype = new System.Net.Mime.ContentType("text/calendar");
contype.Parameters.Add("method", "REQUEST");
contype.Parameters.Add("name", "Meeting.ics");
AlternateView avCal = AlternateView.CreateAlternateViewFromString(str.ToString(), contype);

where str is stingbulider with ICS file content and I still receive mail with attachment...

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The mail should be multipart/alternative where:

  • Part 1: text/html - this will be shown to "regular" mail readers or as a fall-back and should contain the summary of the event regular text
  • Part 2: text/calendar; method=REQUEST this actually holds the contents of the ics file. Make sure you have the correct text encoding.
  • Part 3: Optionally, you could also attach the .ics file itself, so regular mail readers can offer the user something to click on. Outlook does not really require the attachment because it just reads the text/calendar part.
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Have you set these properties in the iCal file:UID SEQUENCE CREATED LAST-MODIFIED DTSTAMP –  jeroenverh Aug 3 '12 at 12:56
I succeeded. I don't know how, but the code in my second answer worked after couple of time testing it. –  Ferid Sejdović Aug 3 '12 at 13:22
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