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Hey i know this isn't really a programming question but i figured someone here could probably help me with this anyways. I've decided that i want to try using Fedora OS but i also want to keep my windows operating system installed so i created a live usb drive using live usb creator to boot the operating system from. The issue lies in that my laptop doesn't seem to be able to boot from a usb drive. I've tried it on other computers and when i press f9 at the startup screen i get an option to boot from the usb drive, but on my laptop i only get the windows 7 option. My laptop is an Asus x72j. Does this specific laptop have usb booting disabled or something like that? If so is there any way to enable it?

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Booting is typically started via BIOS functions.

Look for text like Press DEL to enter SETUP when your laptop is booting and have a look at the BIOS options that are available. Typically you can find things like "Boot order" or something similar.

With some luck, your BIOS is capable of USB booting but you need to enable it from the BIOS menu system.

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