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I try to get an object from my handler but when I try to know if it is an object with 'is_object', the answer is false and the answer to 'is_array' is true.

Why ?

This is my code :

        // Get members list
        $criteria = new CriteriaCompo();
        $members = $memberhandler->getObjects($criteria, true, false);

        // Get  Nickname / Pseudo
        if (count($members) > 0) {
            foreach (array_keys($members) as $i) {
                is_object($members[$i]) ? print_r("is object") : print_r("is not object");
                is_object($members[0]) ? print_r("is object") : print_r("is not object");
                is_array($members[$i]) ? print_r("is array") : print_r("is not array");

Thanks for the answer :)

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try var_dump($members) before loop, and show what results are. – Aurimas Ličkus Aug 3 '12 at 11:56

It is because "getObjects" is getting you an "array of objects"

If you want to retrieve a particular object, and have the member_id, then you should use "get", and in your case you wouldn't use the "criteria" anymore, but request the object directly:

$member = $memberhandler->get($member_id);

You can see more examples in this presentation:


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