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This is not a programming question, I did try to post on the Kigg dicussion forum but no one seems to be active there. So I am hoping someone here can advise :)

I am using the same project structure as Kigg.

It's easy to understand, they have done a good job in organising what goes where. There is a project called Kigg.Infrastructure.EntityFramework.

What does Infrastructure refer to here? I have an employee webservice to get our employees.

I am thinking of creating a separate project in my solution where it creates a reference to the employee web service which can be used through the whole solution instead of referencing this web service in every project project.

Following Kigg's naming convention, will this all have the word infrastructure in the project name?

Something like MyProject.Infrastructure.MyEmployeeWebservice?

This project will have it's own mappers to my employee object and a repository to bring data from the web service.

Please can someone advise?

I know it is not a programming question, but it is a question on the solution structure that anyone else can use as a guide when extending/following the Kigg naming structure.

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This seems like more a "whiteboard" type question that would be good on Programmers. – jadarnel27 Aug 8 '12 at 14:48

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