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I've created a layout with jQuery EasyUI with "west" and "center" region.

In my "west" region I have menu and in "center" region I have a content. How can I dynamically change content at "center" region when I click on a element on "west" - menu?

This works but it's not dynamical.

        var tpl = ' <div class="easyui-layout" fit="true" style="background:#ccc;"> <div region="east" split="true" style="width:200px;">sub center</div> <div region="center">sub center</div> </div> ';

How can I dynamically put the output of the .php or .ctp file into "tpl" variable?

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Hi, even if you get dynamic data using the following code:

 $.get(loadUrl,function(tpl) {        

It will not parse the easyui components inside the dynamically generated content from server.

var ajax_load = "<img src='img/load.gif' alt='loading...' />";  
var loadUrl = "<?php echo site_url("home/student_reg"); ?>";  


add the following in the server site content generator:


this will parse all the easyUI components.

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