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I am looking for a way to only send emails from a php script using phpMailer. I've been doing a lot of research on both Postfix and Sendmail, but am unsure which I should go with.

Here is what I need:

  • Mail will only be send using a php script & phpMailer
  • Incoming mail should only be send to the Google Apps email hosting and NOT the server postfix or sendmail is hosted on.
  • The Postfix or Sendmail setup must only send outgoing emails (including those on my domain)

Should I install Postfix or Sendmail to achieve the above in the quickest way?

If there a certain configuration needed in Postfix, Sendmail, or phpMailer to achieve the above?

Are there any tutorials / guides you can suggest?

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1 Answer

  • Postfix has no way to know what script originally sent the email. But You could use amavis as content-filter, and add a custom header with phpMailer that you'll filter with amavis.
  • This is a basic MX configuration task. Refer to Google Apps documentation on the topic.
  • Keep port 25 closed from outside and you're done. You could also clear the mydestination parameter so it won't accept any email in.
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