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I use facebook for android sdk for SSO.

My activity calls fb.authorize() function to do OAuth. In this function I give a reference to the DialogListener object that is responsible to take proper actions depending on OAuth results. It is possible that the OS has killed the activity by the time user returns from FB App and the DialogListener Object is lost. In that case there's no way to get the AccessTokens which we were supposed to get in DialogListener.

How to handle this situation?

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It depends on why it is crashing. Do you have a stacktrace? – aleb Aug 3 '12 at 12:55
It is crashing because of null pointer exception. In some function other than onCreate() I use mFB = new Facebook(APPID); and in onActivityResult I call mFB.authorizeCallback(bundle);. and mFB is my class variable. Since it is not initiated in onCreate it returns me a null pointer exception. I can completely avoid it from crashing. But since attached dialog listener is now gone with activity being killed, how can i get the access tokens? – Enigma Aug 3 '12 at 13:04

You can call:


But you can store the session in SharedPreferences to reuse it locally. Tokens will expire and will be requested and stored when needed again.

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I am answering this myself.

Facebook app after doing OAuth returns results in an intent data which we get in onActivityResult(); It is required to call mFB.authorizeCallback() in onActivityResult.

If you look into the source of this function, you will know how to extract it from the intent data. And doing that you can get access tokens in onActivityResult.

Here's the link to the source

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