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In VS2008, I can specify that a C# assembly should target only the x86 platform by going to the project properties, clicking the "Build" section, and then setting the "Platform target" box.

What is the equivalent for an assembly written in C++?

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You have to create a new platform:

  • Select the Build menu.
  • Select Configuration Manager... on the menu. The Configuration Manager dialog box opens.
  • Drop down Active solution platform.
  • Select <New...>. Then New Solution Platform dialog box opens.
  • Drop down Type or select the new platform.
  • Select x64 from the list.
  • Click OK in the dialog box to create the new platform.
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d'oh! thanks. –  Eric Jul 24 '09 at 19:51
Is that correct? The Platform is just a label and can be set to any valid word. The PlatformTarget is the actual architecture that will be targeted. (galaktor.net/2011/04/targeting-platforms-in-visual-studio.html) –  Anthony Mastrean Sep 6 '12 at 20:13

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