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I am new to emacs. In Netbeans, you can right click on any object and it will send you directly to the header or implementation file. Is there a shortcut key to do this in emacs?

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What do you mean by object? You might want to add a language related tag. –  pmr Aug 3 '12 at 13:19
@pmr: Generic term really.. I am using C++. –  user195488 Aug 3 '12 at 13:24

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You have to create a TAGS file first.

If you're on linux:

$ ctags -e -R *.h *.cpp
// this will create tags for all .h and .cpp files, 
// starting from the current directory, and recursing into subdirectories.
// -e : emacs tags (as oposed to vi tags, the default)
// -R : recursive

You can also add to an existing tags file by using the --append flag. For example:

$ ctags --append -e -R *.h *.cpp /home/user/jdoe/thirdparty
// This will add to the TAGS file in the current directory

When you want to jump to a symbol definition, in emacs use M-x find-tag, or M-.. It'll ask you where the TAGS file is, and you're set. To pop out, use M-x pop-tag-mark, by default mapped to M-*.

Note: ctags is alright, but since it's not a compiler, sometimes it'll take you to the wrong place.

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You can use etags to provide a similar functionality. Once your TAGS file is created, you can use the M-. shortcut that invokes (find-tag).

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As with everything: Emacs gives you several ways to do something, in this case a bunch of them don't work out of the box. You can either use etags or if you need a really big hammer semantic, which is part of the cedet project. This will give you much more then simply jumping into a header file, but maybe that is what you need.

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