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I have a problem with my Ant scp task. When I'm trying to send a file to a server, I get the follow error:

com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: 2: No such file

Here is my task:

<scp verbose="yes"
 password="${deploy.password}" sftp="true" trust="true" >
    <fileset dir="${basedir}/jnlp/extensions/production" includes="*.jnlp"/>

Anyone have an idea about what might be the problem?

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Certain Ant tasks, although standard tasks, require third party libraries. If you look at that table, you'll see that you need to install the jsch.jar version 0.142 or later.

Easiest thing to do is install this in $ANT_HOME/lib. That will solve your problem. However, it now creates an issue where you have a library dependency in your build.xml file that other users must be aware of. They'll have to know to manually install the required jar in their $ANT_HOME/lib, or define an $ANT_LIB directory and put it there.

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