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I am trying to create a URL link for a report and pass in a date parameter.

The report has an InDate parameter that maps to a dropdown populated by a SQL query. The query returns a datetime (value) and an expression (label) that outputs the date value in a {month}-{year} format. Actual label values that appear in the dropdown are "Jun-2012","Mar-2012", etc. The InDate parameter is also used as an input to drive two other date dropdown lists.

The current iteration of the report URL is as follows:


When I load the URL I get the following error message:

The InDate parameter is missing a value

I have tried using different values for the InDate parameter, escaping the slashes, etc. and nothing seems to work. Any help or code sample would be appreciated.

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It turns out the problem was that the InDate parameter was defined as a string instead of a datetime value. Once the parameter was changed from string to datetime the URL worked without an issue.

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Date parameter format looks good, but the URL you're trying to use is referencing the Report Manager component.

Use this URL to query the report web service directly:


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Thanks for the reply. I think I tried this link before. I tried your version and it looks like its redirecting back to dadsql04/ReportServer/Pages/... – Roland Schaer Aug 3 '12 at 17:54
OK, looks like it's just a different way to specify the same report/parameters. I do think the format in the edited link is a bit easier to read. Still having the date problem? – Bryan Aug 3 '12 at 18:00
Just a quick note, in testing I found that parameters are case-sensitive. Please post your RDL file if you can. – Bryan Aug 3 '12 at 18:07

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