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I have a requirement where I have to implement a timer based application which will periodically call a rest web service implemented in asp.net MVC 3 and store the response JSON data in a SQL Lite database. It will also have to implement a http web client to download media files of huge size which will need decompression. This component has to be written using C++.

Would need some help in isolating the logical task breakdown for this component. Typically a list of items like:

  • POC to isolate an open source C++ web service communication library
  • POC to isolate an open source C++ JSON framework
  • POC to isolate an open source C++ Zlib packages

Also if somebody can provide some good suggestions around some stable and flexible open source libraries in C++ for

  • Web Service communication
  • JSON parsing
  • SQL Lite adapter
  • Some other lightweight database alternative to SQL Lite
  • HTTP based downloader. Possibly implementing multithreaded and multipart download
  • Decompression library

Performance is a primary concern for the application. can somebody suggest designs around implementing faster downloads of huge media files over HTTP.

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  • Facebook Folly provides JSON services, amongst other utilities.
  • Although not Open Source, Microsoft's Casablanca library provides Web Client functions.
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