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I have two strings. I would like to know the upto how many characters are similar in both the strings.

E.x: lets say 'xyzabc', 'xyzadh'. I would like to know if there is a function that can give the index at which the similarity is breaking. In this case it would be 4 because upto 'xyza' the strings are same. If the strings are 'xyzabc', 'xymabc' then the result should be 2.

I would like to use it as select func('xyzabc', 'xyzwer'); to get the required answer. Kinldy let me know if there is a function existing in SQL.

Thanks a lot in advance!!!

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What version of Sybase are you using? The answer to your question is that you need regular expressions . . . but they are not in all versions of the product. – Gordon Linoff Aug 3 '12 at 14:53
Hi Gordon, I am not sure about the version. I will check and let you know. Meanwhile, if we assume that my version supports regular expressions, then what could be the method to check the similarity. – Goje87 Aug 3 '12 at 16:56

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One way to do this is with regular expressions. Here is the idea. You would use regexp_substr(). The regular expression would, in your example, be 'xyzwer|xyzwe|xyzw|xyz|xy|x'. You would then measure the length of the matching substring. In other words, you need to convert one of the strings to a regular expression.

An alternative is to use a giant case statement:

 (case when left(str1, 10) = left(str2, 10) then 10
       when left(str1, 9) = left(str2, 9) then 9
       when left(str1, 1) = left(str2, 1) then 1
       else 0

This assumes that 10 is the longest string.

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