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Is it possible to host a non-wcf service on Azure? I'm guessing not. But want to double check.

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As far as I know it's not possible to host non WCF Services via the Windows Azure Service Bus, there was talk at TechEd from Clemens Vasters on a new feature coming soon "IIS Hybrid Cloud Bridge" that should meet this requirement.

More information here:

Looks like it will be an open sourced project.

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You can host whatever type of service you want. Windows Azure web/worker roles are basically Windows Server 2008 VMs with some scaffolding code. In the OnStart() or Run(), you can fire up a process that listens on a port (which you also have to create an Input Endpoint for). At that point, you're up and running. This is how you'd run something like MongoDB as well (at least a standalone instance or shard router), where you open up port 27017 and then run mongod.exe with that port number.

Keep in mind: If you have multiple instances of your web or worker role, traffic will be load-balanced across all your instances. Because of that, you need to keep your service stateless, and not assume a visitor will keep arriving at a particular role instance.

EDIT: Quick clarification: Your service must be tcp, http, https, or udp-based, as those are the currently-supported port protocols.

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David, thank you for your response. In a hurry, I might have asked the wrong question. My question is really more about Azure AppFabric Service Bus (ASB). I know a client can easily talk to an internal WCF service behind an org's firewall using the ASB. This is accomplished by creating a relay service in the ASB on behalf of the internal service. I'm wondering if this is possible if the internal service is non-WCF. – Chuck Aug 3 '12 at 20:08

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