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I want to have a specific behavior but only when my route is the last one.

For example, i have route 1: "posts.index" route 2: ""

I want to do something in post.index if I'm calling it directly but I don't want to call it if I'm accessing directly. Is there a way to know if posts.index is the last state of the currently called routes.

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Only leaf routes are reachable, it means you can traverse node routes, but never stay on it finally.

In your case, posts.index will never be the final state of your router. I would recommend you to have something like:

posts: Ember.Route.extend({
  route: 'posts',

  // connectOutlets as needed for layout purpose...

  collection: Ember.Route.extend({
    route: '/',

    // connectOutlets to render collection & so on...

  member: Ember.Route.extend({
    route: '/:id',

    // connectOutlets: here, you will at least store the instance for later use in children routes, and probably render its outlet

    show: Ember.Route.extend({
      route: '/',

      // connectOutlets if needed.

    // here, add other routes like edit, ...

In the member route, you could have common processing (retrieve & render instance, at least), and then specialized according to leaf route, inside its connectOutlets function.

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