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I'm currently doing a research on Automatic traffic sign detection using SIFT algorithm for final year University project. I am using OpenCV and at the moment I have reached until find Descriptors of an image. I am storing this SIFT features in a list using following code,

vector<Descriptor> m_keyDescs;

m_keyDescs.push_back(Descriptor(descxi, descyi, fv));

Now I want to use this features to compare with a new image and I want to recognize whether the new image is same as the previous image. But I have no idea how to use this features that stored in a list to identify new image. How can I retrieve this stored list and compare with newly created Descriptors of an image??

I am so glad if you can help me as I'm new to OpenCV. :)

I have defined Descriptor class as,

 class Descriptor
 float xi, yi;      
 vector<double> fv; // Feature vector


Descriptor(float x, float y, vector<double> const& f)
    xi = x;
    yi = y;
    fv = f;

Thanks for your kind consideration...

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To match Descriptors you need a DescriptorMatcher (like BruteForceMatcher in this example). More documentation on those can be found on OpenCV site here

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I hope this helps. I don't know anything about OpenCV, but I am new on this site and I need points quickly to vote on questions ;-) –  user7610 Aug 3 '12 at 16:37

After seeing your code I am thinking you are new to opencv and i feel you are also new to this forum also..

Anyway the question has allready been answered see the link i gaveOpencv_Matchers

For a working code see the this linkOpencv_Tutorial

If any help is needed feel free to post but please search in this site befor asking...

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Thanks in advance. I will try this codes.. Thanks again :) –  Anuradha Aug 9 '12 at 15:01

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