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I am using Twitter Bootstrap's button groups to toggle between different content. An example can be seen at

Basically, if you click "Games", the games_container div will appear and the other divs will be hidden. I've got that working fine.

I store the post type in the database as post, game, video, etc and I want to be able to open the related div on page load instead of just on click. Right now the post_container is shown by default when the page is loaded.

Say I have a PHP variable $post_type = 'game';, how can I make the game_container show on page load while still having it toggle by clicking?

This is the js I have so far:


$('.post_types button').click(function(){
        var target = "#" + $(this).data("target");
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To show game container on load, you need to replace this line





And also currently you are using


Here rather than using this for this line $(this).text(), use target variable as below



To show dynamically on page load,

  1. Store the value of post_type in variable

    var ptype = ...STORE THE POST TYPE VALUE...;

  2. Pass the value to this line



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Sorry, I guess I wasn't clear, I want it to be dynamic. If the post_type is 'video', it should automatically show that div on page load. – Motive Aug 3 '12 at 15:48
@MotiveKyle: Updated my answer. – Siva Charan Aug 3 '12 at 15:54

You could either:

  • change the second line's #post_container to #game_container directly in your JavaScript code
  • or call $('#btn-game').click(); afterwards, e.g. in the onload attribute of the body or in a separated script tag.
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Just run show() on page load using the selector you like.

$(function() {

<?=?> short PHP for echo, you can not use that in you .js file. If the way I pointed out is not ok for you, you should set a global variable to the selector you like and use that instead of the inline PHP.

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Please refrain from using php short tags, unless it's PHP 5.4+ (for echos), as stated in this answer – Sherbrow Aug 3 '12 at 16:25

change $('#post_container').show(); to $('#game_container').show();

here you go

I am not so familiar with php, for dynamic here:

function(){ $.ajax({ 
       // ... more ...
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