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The code below should be able to trigger the pane and slider to appropriate display css properties according to nanoscroller documentation. However, the scroller doesn't show the slider until I do some action in browser such as pressing F12 to fireup firebug or right clicking an element inside to inspect it. What could possibly be going wrong?

        alwaysVisible: true,
        scroll: "bottom"    
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It looks like at least on version v0.7.4 if you call nanoScroller() with arguments the initialization of the plug-in could fail, above all with dynamic content.

If you are using $('#yourDiv').animate() be sure the call to nanoScroller() is done when the animation is finished. The same if you are using $.getJSON(), do it after the content has be fetched properly. If you are using both animate() and getJSON() call nanoScroller() after both events because it is unknow which process is going to finish first and several calls to nanoScroller() will not spoil anything.

And here the workaround is: call first nanoScroller() with no arguments and right after call it again if you require arguments.

$('.nano').nanoScroller({ alwaysVisible: true, scroll: 'top' });
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This is going to seem incredibly random, but I just used this workaround and it fixed my problem! So thanks! – PugsOverDrugs Jun 26 '14 at 16:25
You are awesome buddy, – Thamaraiselvam Aug 14 '15 at 13:38

This problem appears when nanoscroller fails to initialize properly for the element.

Make sure the element having the class nano is not within a parent element which is hidden with display:none CSS property.

In another case if the content doesn't show up, you would like to make sure proper height has been set for the element having the class nano.

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In some cases, like mine, the nanoScroller needs to know the picture width/height first to work properly.

How I fixed it:

Instead of calling the function, with/without the .ready handler,

    alwaysVisible: true,
    scroll: "bottom"     

try the .load handler. Now JQuery only loads nanoScroller when the width/height of the pictures are known.

$(window).load(function () {
        alwaysVisible: true,
        scroll: "bottom"     
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Be sure to trigger Nanoscroller after that all the content has been loaded; e.g. try to put the code above at the bottom of the page, or inserting some JQuery code to check that the page has finished loading content.

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My problem is the same with yours. Maybe the problem arises because i apply the nanoScroller function to the dynamically generated content. my solution is to add the the following line:

$(".pane").css("display","block"); $(".slider").css("display","block");

and then the problem gone! If you check the page by "Inspect Element" function in Chrome, you can see the .pane class which the scroller (slider) exists show that


I hope this help you.

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If you're loading the content dynamically, you need to initialize nanoScroller only after the content is loaded.

Try to enclose nanoScroller initialization in a setTimeout like this.

setTimeout( function(){
    $('.nano').nanoScroller({ flashDelay: 1000 });
}, 0);

I had the same problem, this solved it for me.

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Please correct the code (jquery.nanoscroller.js)

if ((content.scrollHeight === content.clientHeight) || (this.pane.outerHeight(true) >= content.scrollHeight && contentStyleOverflowY !== SCROLL)) {
    /*this.isActive = false;*/
} else if (this.el.clientHeight === content.scrollHeight && contentStyleOverflowY === SCROLL) {
} else {;
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