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I am displaying a student list(Name ,Mark, Result) using display tag in my struts 2 application.

if student scored more than 80 i need to display the entire row in green color else i need to display it in red color .Below is my scenario , i am not familiar with display tag, please help me to solve this issue.

<display:table name="studentList" id = "student" cellspacing="1px" class="center">

<display:caption class="caption"><b>Student Mark List</b></display:caption>

<display:column title="Student Name" property="name" class="green"> </display:column>
<display:column title="Student Mark" property="mark" class="green"></display:column>
<display:column title="Student Result" property="result" class="green"> </display:column>
<display:column title="Student Name" property="name" class="red"> </display:column>
<display:column title="Student Mark" property="mark" class="red"></display:column>
<display:column title="Student Result" property="result" class="red"> </display:column>

Thanks in advance.

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I added this taglib at the beginning of my jsp

<%@ taglib prefix="c" uri="http://java.sun.com/jsp/jstl/core" %>

and i added below code

<display:table name="studentList" id = "student" cellspacing="1px" class="center">

<display:caption class="caption"><b>Student Mark List</b></display:caption>

            <c:when test="${mark>='80'}">
                <c:set var="css" value="tableColumnGreen"/>

                <c:set var="css" value="tableColumnRed"/>
<display:column title="Student Name" property="name" class="${css}"> </display:column>
<display:column title="Student Mark" property="mark" class="${css}"></display:column>
<display:column title="Student Result" property="result" class="${css}"> </display:column>

This helped me.Thanks for everyone.

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I would have liked to find out how to apply the style at the <tr> tag instead of at each <td> tag but this solution gets me moving again and I appreciate it. –  k-den Oct 23 '13 at 15:59
@ k-den , Thanks a lot. –  Mohan Nov 4 '13 at 15:48

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