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Can anyone tell me why the if in the check is never used?

Will try the document.window size in js, but it doesn't seem to ever want to get in there! Any suggestions? Much love <3


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Don't forget to also post your javascript in your question –  rene Aug 4 '12 at 10:16

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You need to parseInt():

$('.zeppelin').css('right') > winWidth

$('.zeppelin').css('right') will return [integer]px. Therefore you are comparing a string type to an integer type.


parseInt($('.zeppelin').css('right')) > winWidth

Also, as a side note, looking through your code, you have:


If you wish to invert an integer, multiply it by -1 instead:

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As Curt mentioned, you were missing a parseInt, but you also needed to stop the animation so when you reset it, the div did not fly back accross the screen:

also needed

overflow: hidden

on the html and body to get rid of scroll bar


EDIT: Also it was not resetting because you didn't have a +"px" after "-"+zepWidth

EDIT: update link

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