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I'm trying to see if there is a formula that can check a certain character structure is being used in a string field type I need to check if it matches and to use to turn red if it does not match.


AA123A - ok,
A1234A - Turn red.

Thanks in advance.

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Try using something like this as a conditional formatting formula:

local stringvar somefield:={table.string_field};

if len(somefield)=7
    and ascw(somefield[1]) in [65 to 90]
    and ascw(somefield[2]) in [65 to 90] 
    and isnumeric(somefield[3 to 5])
    and ascw(somefield[6]) in [65 to 90] then crBlack else crRed

Obviously this only works for upper-case alphabetic characters (ASCII values 65-90) as-is, but can easily be changed to accommodate whatever you need.

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Thanks I will give it a try –  Dagz200 Aug 3 '12 at 17:36

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