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If I have a website where my logic in one page and my presentation in another, does that mean my website is "themeable"? For ecample, if I use php behind, and then have the html and the php templating in the html presentation page, is that all I need?


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Can you swap out a single file (.css for example) or change a single variable in the program to switch themes? –  mellamokb Aug 3 '12 at 16:45
'Theme-able' is a fairly generic term/concept. Any web site you build where there is some form of template-based presentation layer is likely themeable if you want to build that in as a feature. Sometimes products are sold as themeable when they simply mean you can swap out the CSS. Some are sold as themeable in that there's a custom built template engine and parsing system built into the product. Options vary wildly. –  DA. Aug 3 '12 at 16:48

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If you have ever taken a look at word press theme, you would easily get to know how your site is gonna look if you make this as a theme. Your website being themeable is very generic here and it actually depends upon the structure of your webpage. Basically there should be some reusable components that you can call across the rest of the pages. Say for example header, footer and sidebar. Your php should be organized in such a way that if you call any of those php functions, it should be able to display the rest of the expected content. This applies to the title of the pages as well given that each and every page is going to have a different title. Further the other important part where you can say that your website is themeable is to see how the actual content is generated. do you have a php loop or something like this to achieve that. How do you make sure that main content is generate in such a way that somebody can call your website a themeable.

Hope I helped.

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