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I have created the following colormap in matplotlib:


I can't figure out how to get rid of the extra row, nor what is causing it.

My code is below:

# Create colormap
c = pcolor(data)
c = pcolor(data, edgecolors='w',linewidths = '3')

# Set x and y-axes
xticks = np.arange(.5,len(x_labels),1)
xlabels = x_labels
plt.xticks(xticks, xlabels)
yticks = np.arange(.5,len(y_labels),1)
ylabels = y_labels
plt.yticks(yticks, ylabels)

# Set the range of values to between 0 and 1
# Either save to file or show
if filename:
    savefig(filename + '.png')
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Chris' explicit answer always works. An alternative solution is to tell matplotlib what you want and let the system take care of the details. You want a tight axis, so insert


before the show(). Alternatively axis(image) also works, wih the arguably pleasant side effect of making the cells square.

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Thank you that is exactly what I needed! –  user1493950 Aug 6 '12 at 16:38

How about just changing the y-axis limits using matplotlib.pyplot.ylim(ymax=7.5).

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