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I have an array of rake routes, and I am trying to extract all of the routes which have route.conditions[:request_method] as GET.


:request_method is a regex (:request_method=>/^GET$/)

> routes.select { |route| route.conditions[:request_method] == /GET/ }  
> []

I figured my select was correct. This works, and outputs all route methods:

> routes.each { |route| print route.conditions[:request_method] }
> {:request_method=>/^GET$/}{:request_method=>/^GET$/}{:request_method=>/^PUT$/}{:request_method=>/^GET$/}{:request_method=>/^PUT$/}{:request_method=>/^POST$/}{:request_method=>/^GET$/}{:request_method=>/^GET$/}

Any ideas how I might achieve this?

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Found my answer. routes.each was returning the Journey object, so I first created my own custom hash:

routes = Rails.application.routes.routes.to_a
routes = routes.collect { |route| {name: route.name, method: route.verb} }
routes = routes.select { |route| route[:method] == /^GET$/ }

I'm sure this can be more elegantly reworked so I'm open to changes. It works, that's the most important part.

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