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I'm developing an XML database, and I believe that my Schema and XML are valid. In the distant future when I have this list populated with thousands of different items, I would like to use MS Excel. However, I am unable to properly import or even export a simple XML document.

My Schema is as follows: And this is my example XML file:

As a rookie Stack Overflow user, I've already exhausted my 2 hyperlinks, otherwise I would have posted some screenshots.

I believe my XSD is vaild because I've had it validated online, and when I include it into MS Excel 2007, I see it properly outlined in the Source Pane. And when I import my example XML data, I get multiple rows in the Excel sheet of inconsistent mapping. As a rookie Stack Overflow user, I've already exhausted my 2 hyperlinks, otherwise I would have posted some screenshots.

Once imported, I can't export this data. I'm told by Excel that root_Map is not exportable because it contains the following: --List of lists --A mapped element's relationship with other elements cannot be preserved.

I believe that this case should be open and shut, but as you can see, I've been proven wrong all the way through. Hours of search have yet to yield a substantial answer, and I would really like to avoid working on this database on CSV or on text editors. I've read some brief mention of an XSLT but I don't see how an XSLT would help map my XML data to an XML spreadsheet.

Please advise on any workarounds to this problem or if my approach needs improvement.

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I've tried adding an XSLT to this document and was not able to output the XML file into Excel in the expected form. I could still use some help with this. I believe this form would be the best and would like to keep going without changing my schema. – Shabab Aug 9 '12 at 18:46

For what it's worth ...

Your XSD schema document looks OK to me, and Xerces J has no trouble validating with it.

But your XML document is not valid against the schema. Xerces reports trouble at line 15, where the XML has an nks element where the schema is expecting a kn element. (Once I add an empty nks, the document is schema-valid against the schema.)

Could some of the problems you're experiencing with Excel be due to the document's not being valid against the schema?

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Firstly, thanks for your response, C.M.. To be honest, I'm not familiar with Xerces J. I'm limited as to what softwares I can use, hence my using Excel for the project. I can't imagine why Xerces issued that report, though. The way I set up the sequences, nks is the parent node of kn. The XML file I have just fills the basic elements, so if kn is not populated, I'm concerned if Xerces J is also having some issues properly understanding this, especially since nks has no individual value. – Shabab Aug 17 '12 at 14:42

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